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Scania Metrolink ( Metrolink (

Scania takes the next step in the introduction of complete Scania buses and coaches, with full parts and service support via the worldwide Scania service network. Following the Scania Touring coach and the Scania Citywide city and suburban buses, the Scania Metrolink is a purpose-designed coach for luxury intercity or charter travel in head-turning style.

Passengers will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride. The driver is provided with all the support required for safe and relaxed driving. The Scania Metrolink introduces a new level of performance, driveability and handling in the Indian market, all based on renowned Scania virtues such as robust design, maximum passenger safety, leading fuel economy and a long and trouble-free service life.

Offered in three models, the Scania Metrolink is styled to stand out as a premium product, featuring the established Scania 'wrapping T' styling motif that sweeps from the front into the window line along the sides. First deliveries to customers will take place in mid-2013 and assembly of complete coaches will start at Scania's new facility in Bengaluru in early 2014.

Scania Metrolink (Driver space)

Based on a system of chassis modules and modular bodywork, the Scania Metrolink is offered in two and three-axle form in the Indian market. They all share the sleek styling, generous luggage compartments with parallel opening doors that provide easy access also in confined areas, offering operators the possibility of using the coach for occasional service during weekends. Part of Scania's offer will also include a range of tailored service packages, financing and driver training. Maintenance and repair contracts are fully backed by Scania's service network:

  • Scania Metrolink HD 45-seater

This is a 12-metre 4x2 model with 45 seats, a Scania 9-litre 310 hp Euro 3 engine, Scania Opticruise 8-speed automated gearchanging. The vehicle is 2.6 m wide, 3.7 m high and fitted with a 465-litre fuel tank.

Link: Scania Metrolink HD 12.0 m (technical information) (.pdf)

  • Scania Metrolink HD 49-seater

13.7-metre 6x2 model with 49 semi-sleeper seats (or 53 without calf support), a Scania 13-litre 360 hp Euro 3 engine, Scania Opticruise 8-speed automated gearchanging. The third axle is hydraulically steered for easy manoeuvring. The vehicle is 2.6 m wide, 3.7 m high and fitted with a 465-litre fuel tank.

Link: Scania Metrolink HD 13.7 m (technical information) (.pdf)

  • Scania Metrolink HD 53-seater

This is a 14.5-metre high-capacity 6x2 model featuring 53 semi-sleeper seats (or 57 without calf support). It has the Scania 13-litre 410 hp Euro 3 engine, Scania Opticruise 8-speed automated gearchanging. The third axle is hydraulically steered for easy manoeuvring. The vehicle is 2.6 m wide, 3.7 m high and fitted with a 465-litre fuel tank.

Link: Scania Metrolink HD 14.5 m (technical information) (.pdf)

The Scania Metrolink is introduced exclusively for the Indian market at this point. In a few years' time, the Scania Metrolink will grow into a global range of completevehicles with network support.

Scania Opticruise

The all-Scania powertrain also features Scania Opticruise automated gearchanging that supports the driver's efforts to drive economically. Scania Opticruise has been continuously refined over many years and is very popular in both trucks and buses. It provides several major benefits that show clearly on the customer's bottom line. The system optimises gearchanging to produce the best possible fuel economy. Smooth and seamless gearchanges ensure high passenger comfort and reduce wear and tear on the powertrain.

A major safety benefit is the fact that the driver can concentrate on the traffic and on passenger comfort. However, the system allows the driver to intervene at any time to adjust gearchanges by means of a conveniently located lever on the steering column.Scania Opticruise is based on a conventional mechanical Scania gearbox that can be serviced at any Scania workshop. The Scania running gear includes axles and suspension that combine to provide the coach with outstanding handling and steering precision.

Photos: Scania Metrolink


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