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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City (2012)Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City (2012)

The Sprinter City series is a real specialist for regular-service urban operations. Whereas the compact Sprinter City 35 (6.9 metres long, max. 22 passengers) is based on a modified panel van, the larger Sprinter City 65 (7.7 metres long, max. 30 passeng­ers) is instantly recognisable by its separately mounted bus body with supporting bus frame and panoramic windows. The elegant panoramic windscreen is cut right back into the vehicle roof and therefore also provides enough room for an integrated destination display (Sprinter City 35 with raised roof). The front end complete with engine cowling and headlights is from the original Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The Sprinter City 65 K, the short version of the Sprinter City 65, is the outcome of the rear overhang being shortened by 70 centimetres. Despite its extremely compact exterior length of 7.0 metres, the two-metre-wide low-entry bus has space for 30 passengers, making it the ideal vehicle for use in constricted inner-city areas.

The latest arrival to join the Sprinter City model series is the new Sprinter City 77. At 8.7 metres in length, this plugs the gap between the Sprinter City 65 and the 10.5-metre-long Citaro. The low-floor chassis with tandem rear axle, like the body of the Sprinter City 77, is an exclusive in-house development by the Mercedes-Benz minibus division. An extra metre in length not only gives the Sprinter City 77 room for another 10 passengers (total 40), but also stepless low-floor access along the full length of the passenger compartment and a second wheelchair space.

The suspension of the three-axle Sprinter City 77 is fitted with independent suspension and single tyres all round. With its comparatively short wheelbase and slim body design, even the largest Mercedes-Benz city minibus is as if predestined for work in narrow inner-city streets. In addition, the Sprinter City 77 is the ideal vehicle for use as a shuttle bus at airports and trade fair sites, as well as for operating rural transport services.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35

Featuring outward-opening double doors with a clearance width of 1.25 metres, all three models are the ideal solution for city service. Likewise, a low door sill provides access to the generously sized low-floor area between the axles, measuring around 3.2 m2 in the City 35 and 3.6 m2 currently in the City 65. The passenger compartment of the Sprinter City 77, at around 11.5 m2, has a particularly spacious low-floor area of 7.5 m2. This offers plenty of space for standing passengers, as well as for pushchairs and wheelchairs. In addition, a fold-down ramp or an electrically operated telescopic ramp is available to facilitate boarding and alighting for passengers with restricted mobility, as well as parents with pushchairs.

In the City 35 and City 36, one or two low steps lead up to the rear of the vehicle, in a design similar to that of a modern low-entry bus. Passengers in the City model series are accommodated in "City-Star Eco" high-strength plastic bucket seats. These light, ergonomically moulded seat shells are fitted with upholstered squabs and backrests.

The Sprinter City 65 comes with an additional outward-opening single door behind the rear axle as part the basic specification. On the Sprinter City 77, an outward-opening double door in the rear section is standard.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CityMercedes-Benz Sprinter City

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City series features an extensive range of functional and attractive equipment. The colour concept, floor and side panelling, the seats and the modular roof liner all deliberately cite the larger Mercedes-Benz Citaro, for example. The same applies to the heating and air-conditioning system. Powerful convector heaters with axial-flow blowers, and driver and passenger air-conditioning systems with fresh-air and air-recirculation functions are also included in the range of equipment.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

The urban regular-service bus is powered by Euro V-compliant, four-cylinder diesel engines with a standard output of 95 kW (129 hp) for the Sprinter City 35 and 120 kW (163 hp) for the Sprinter City 65 and 77. Power transmission to the rear axle is via a convenient converter transmission. Air suspension at the rear axle is available as an optional extra with the Sprinter City 35 and fitted as standard in the three larger models. The optional vehicle "kneeling" facility for easier boarding and alighting is restricted to the Sprinter City 65, 65 K and 77. A retarder is available for all four city bus versions. The Sprinter City 35 has a gross vehicle weight rating of 5.0 tonnes, while the Sprinter City 65, 65 K and 77 have standard ratings of 5.65 tonnes or 6.8 tonnes, on account of the greater number of passengers.

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