Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) - Ready for World Cup Kick-off (2014) in Rio de Janeiro - more than 90 Mercedes-Benz articulated buses to provide fast and safe mobility


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Marcopolo - Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) - Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)

When the city surrounding Sugarloaf Mountain announced it needed transport help for big upcoming sporting events, Daimler answered the call by contributing its many years of expertise with the innovative Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) mobility concept. Rio de Janeiro is counting on the urban BRT system to accommodate the higher mobility requirements expected during the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. The planned BRT system will consist of several sections and will cover a total length of approximately 150 kilometers. Daimler's Mercedes-Benz do Brasil subsidiary has already been awarded a major order for more than 90 Mercedes-Benz articulated buses, as well as special BRT services, for the so-called "Transoeste" BRT section that has been commissioned in early June.

Mercedes-Benz buses will thus be the first vehicles to operate on the exclusive main bus axes that will be fed by several feeder lines. The above 50-kilometer "Transoeste" BRT section can reduce travel time by 50 percent and transport around 220,000 passengers per day. The articulated bus – which is known in Brazil as the "Ligeirão" (large rapid bus) – stands out through its ability to transport up to 145 passengers.

"This major order demonstrates the confidence local public transport companies have in our products and our expertise with the Bus Rapid Transit urban mobility solution," says Jürgen Ziegler, President of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil and CEO for Latin American operations.

"By selecting the Mercedes-Benz articulated bus model, Rio de Janeiro has opted for the undisputed market leader in the country. In the local market of Rio de Janeiro Mercedes-Benz do Brasil even holds a share of over 70 percent, which clearly is a compelling sales argument."

The articulated bus with the star also boasts state-of-the-art BlueTec 5 exhaust gas treatment technology, which meets the PROCONVE P-7 emission standard (similar to Euro V) that went into effect in Brazil in January 2012.

[Daimler AG]

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