New Solaris Urbino arrives - world premiere on 24th September 2014 at IAA Commercial Vehicles


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New Solaris Urbino (2015)New Solaris Urbino (2015)

The new Solaris will be launched during this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition in Hannover with a world premiere on 24th September 2014. Both the 12-metre standard bus and the 18-metre articulated version will be shown.

Order bookings will start at the same time, with production to begin in early 2015. Meanwhile, Solaris has already taken initial orders for the new model.

The new Solaris is a completely new engineering design. Despite being lighter, it is more robust. There is a host of newly developed features that improve all characteristics of the bus, while reliable, tried and tested components have been maintained. The new exterior design will be sure to turn heads, yet the new Solaris will continue to be an easily recognisable member of the Solaris product family.

The new bodyframe design provides the same robust rigidity - made from the same noncorrosive materials as before - while being significantly lighter in weight. Skin-on-skin assembly ensures efficient production flows as well as highly distinguished aesthetics. Service accessibility is improved. With a driveline compartment designed for Euro 6 engines from the outset, the new Solaris will improve what engineers already know as a bus famed for its excellent ease of maintenance.

The flooring uses a combination of stainless steel sheets and plywood. The former is an integral part of the chassis and reinforces the bodyframe, while also providing strong protection against inclement weather.

The new Solaris has been designed not just for the use of small and large Euro 6 diesel engines. Gas-fuelled engines, diesel-electric hybrids and electric drives have all been considered from the start.

The lower unladen weight of the new bus is expected to lower fuel consumption. Axle loads are better distributed by shifting some of the weight from the drive axle to the front of the bus. The interior will be free of vibrations, while the bus is quieter than its predecessors.

High standards of comfort for passengers are not only achieved through a larger podest-free floor area, but also thanks to wider and higher doors, which improve passenger flows. On two-door standard buses, there is an option to move the second door further to the back.

Passengers will enjoy the bright interior and the high number of pedestal-free seats. Energy-efficient LED lighting is available both inside the bus as well as for all exterior lamps.

Drivers will find an ergonomic cab, with the seat raised higher than previously. Along with the panoramic windscreen, excellent visibility is offered. Thanks to the higher seating position, drivers will also enjoy improved interaction with passengers.

Handling of the new Urbino is made easy by a new, progressive suspension. Optionally, this can be specified to automatically adapt itself to the state of the road, allowing the new Solaris bus to smooth out road quality and speed. This prevents the bus from tilting if curves are taken at higher speeds. Electronic Stability Control is an option.

The roof of the new Solaris has been lowered without compromising on interior height. With a lower centre of gravity, the new bus is even better and safer to drive.

With the new family of buses, the exterior aspect of low­-floor and low-entry buses is unified, along with a harmonisation of specification options between buses and trams. The new Solaris therefore will be an integral part of a recognisable range of public transport vehicles. Solaris fleet operators will value the ability to specify identical components and the need to stock fewer different spare parts, thanks to advanced commonality across the range.

The new visual design is expressive of the step change in technology. The rounded lines of the previous models are superseded by a sharper, more dynamic styling. Panels along the roof line screen roof-mounted components to deliver a continuous and harmonious appearance. The futuristic lines of the body are an expression of Solaris's forward-looking approach and will be sure to draw the attention of passengers and passers-by. Operators will find the new Solaris Urbino a bus whose mere appearance will raise standards and deliver even more attractive public transport.

New Solaris Urbino:

Photo: Solaris Urbino (2015)


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