5.000th Mercedes-Benz Tourismo for Hauser-Reisen


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5.000th Mercedes-Benz Tourismo for Hauser-Reisen5.000th Mercedes-Benz Tourismo for Hauser-Reisen

No other Mercedes-Benz coach has achieved sales figures approaching those of the permanently best-selling O303 and certainly none has been as successful in the medium price segment. Its name says it all: we're talking here of the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo. Some 17,500 vehicles have been sold since the start of the O350 series in 1994. The introduction of the second generation in 2006 ushered in a new era for this economical coach.

Since then, exactly 5,000 of these best-selling vehicles have been delivered. The milestone vehicle, a Tourismo M, formally left the Mannheim plant on 2 February 2012. At a press conference held to mark the event, Roman Biondi, brand spokesman for Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches at EvoBus GmbH, presented the symbolic key to the Keller family.

"This vehicle makes it clear why the Tourismo design is so successful", said Roman Biondi at the presentation. "It gains top marks with its attractive price-performance ratio without looking like an anonymous mass-produced vehicle. Thanks to the wide range of equipment options available, it remains genuinely individual and full of character."


Based in the South German town of Rottweil, Hauser-Reisen is focused entirely on travel and transport. What began as a bus company pure and simple in 1948 has now grown into a group of companies including a travel agency, an advertising agency and a classic local public transport company. However, the coach side of the business remains particularly important. Hauser-Reisen operates 29 Mercedes-Benz coaches: 13 Tourismos and 16 Citaros. Quality, more than anything else, underpins the coach operation's business strategy. Passengers are looked after by escorts who accompany every coach tour. Drivers receive excellent training and are justifiably referred to as coach chauffeurs. Every season, over 20,000 passengers take up one of the tours on offer. In addition to coach tours to Morocco, Turkey, Greece and northern Spain, Hauser also operates tours to more northerly destinations such as Ireland, England, Scotland, Leningrad and the North Cape. The Mercedes-Benz Tourismo's design has proven to be the ideal match for Hauser-Reisen's varied tour program. As such, this 5,000th coach will be seen on the road throughout the length and breadth of Europe.

[Daimler AG]

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